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I recently restarted my copy of Platinum, and midway through the game I decided I wanted to use a Yanmega on my team. This was mostly because it's pretty cool looking to me, which yeah I know is a terrible way to build an effective team, but I also did it because my team had some pretty big weaknesses to Psychic and Dark in particular, and I figured a speedy Bug type with an above average Special Attack would help my cause. However, upon looking into it further, I realized that almost all of Yanma/Yanmega's level up moves are base 60 power or lower, and it doesn't get some truly good STAB moves until it hits level 54 (Bug Buzz & Air Slash), which means I'd be going through most the game with a Pokemon whose only good move till that point is Slash, which isn't even a special move. But I feel like once it DOES hit that level 54, it'll be a force to be reckoned with. I've been puzzling this over for a while, before I decided to bring the question here, so should I scrap it and look for another Pokemon to fit my team, or would it be worthwhile to keep it on my team and weather it out until I hit the point where it can be more effective?

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There are some flying type Pokemon that can do Yanmega's job better, like Staraptor, Crobat, Gliscor, and Scyther. If you don't want to use any of them, then I guess Yanmega is the next best. Yanma learns silver wind and air cutter pretty early, and those 2 moves are a slight improvement over slash.

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I think Yanmega is completely outclassed by Scyther. When you catch Scyther, it already has 105 base physical attack and a technician-boosted wing attack, which Yanmega can't match (regardless of whether it's safety or strike-anywhere) until it learns air slash at level 54. Scyther learns X-scissor a long time before Yanmega learns bug buzz, and Scyther's night slash is stronger than Yanmega's. If that still wasn't enough, Scyther can learn swords dance (use the TM75 for this one, raising it to level 57 isn't worth it) to make itself even more powerful.

Other good Pokemon that can cover psychic and dark include Weavile (if you're willing to teach it brick break) and Gallade.

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Dang, I was too hung up on Pokemon in the Great Marsh area that I don't think I ever really considered Scyther, but now that you bring it up, this would definitely work way better for me. If I do get one, it'll probably stay a Scyther, since I have no one to trade with, but I think in this case that probably works in my favor, since my team would be more benefited by it than a Scizor. Thank you for your help!
It's okay to not have friends.
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Unfortunately, Yanmega isn’t a really reliable option. It’s speed and Special Attack May be high, but it’s weaknesses and other low stats like Special Defense might be a danger to him.

I see you want a Pokémon to counter strong Psychic and Dark types, instead of a Bug type, which not take Drapion? This Pokémon incredibly helped me with the league.
He’s got a nice movepool, nice stats, and has only one weakness, is immune to Psychic type moves, resists Dark type ones and can even counter them!

So, if you’re interested, Skorupi can be caught in the Great Marsh in Pastoria city, and here’s a moveset for Drapion.

Ability :- Sniper

Moves :-

Crunch/Night Slash - Drapion gets Crunch at level 49, while a juicier option is Night Slash, which, paired with Sniper can OHKO easily. Drapion can be taught Night Slash as breeding move, and his parents can be... Yanmega himself!

Cross Poison/Poison Fang - While you’ll have to wait longer to get Cross Poison (level 59), Poison Fang is available quite early.

Ice Fang - Coverage against Ground types, his only weakness, and a few other types as well.

X-Scissor - A powerful Bug type is all what Drapion needs to sweep Dark types, while taking little damage.

NOTE :- In my moveset, I mentioned two moves that have higher chance of critical hit, if you are willing to breed Skorupi (for Night Slash) and level up to 59 (for Cross Poison), you could make him hold Razor Claw, for higher chance of critical hit.
With this trick, and with Sniper, each of both moves has 1/4 chance of critical hit, one critical hit inflicting 3 times more damage as a regular move would do (due to Sniper). Imagine how he could wreck Lucian’s team( Psychic type) in Elite Four.

Another Option-

If you don’t like Drapion either, you could use Vespiquen. She’s not that incredibly strong, but has decent stats and decent moves at a relatively low level.
I'm pretty sure Drapion isn't the best Pokemon. Its main problem is that it takes a long time to learn good moves and evolve, and this problem is only worsened by its slow growth rate. Good Pokemon, like Sneasel, Rotom, Scyther, and Houndour, can learn strong attacks immediately after being caught.
How is Vespiquen good when it's slower than Yanmega, takes longer to find, and can't learn air slash?
Yeah, Sneasel would be a nice option, though Drapion takes longer time to level up and train, it’s moves are worth it, I think.
I think I'm probably gonna go with sumwun's suggestion, since I think it would work better for me and my team, but I really appreciate you taking your time to help me out with this!
No problem, Finchwidget :)