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I want to train Alakazam but I can't afford the tms and I do not have the shards for signal beam.

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This is going to be very very difficult, so your best bet may be to simply dig up more shards and do more battles so you can get the money to buy the TMs.

But here is how you can get the moves individually:
SIGNAL BEAM - can be learnt by Volbeat (lv 25) who can breed with Abra.
SHADOW BALL - can be learnt by Sableye (lv 59) who can breed with Abra.
ENERGY BALL - learnt by Lotad (lv 45), breed onto Cacnea, then onto Abra.

In theory you could get them all by breeding one onto a pokemon that learns the other move by level up. But I can't see any ways to do that. Even using Smeargle is out of the question because they are in different egg groups.

You should get one of the moves above by breeding, then save up your money or shards for the others.

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This might become slightly easier in gen 7, now that the moves can be passed down through the mother Abra as well as the father. This would still take a while, but you could breed a line of Abras with the parents that know each of the egg moves.