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I'm making a team but I don't know if I should use galvantula or ferrothorn


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In-game, ferrothorn is almost useless. In competetive battling he is very good, though.
Galvantula is very fast and strong, so he is very effective in-game. I used him in my white 2 team. I reccomend using this set:
ability: compoundeyes
item: expert belt
nature: timid/ modest
bug buzz
giga drain
volt switch
Galvantula is amazing in-game. He crushes the 8th gym and proves very useful for the elite four

Completely agreed. I can't up-vote, but if I could, I would, believe me.
LOL in-game he's useless??? I 6-0'd two of the E4 with him. lvl 74 second time round. He is not useless.
+1 for ScizorSwag11 (he wanted to but couldn't)
that and I really like Galvantula in-game.
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Ferrothorn has higher overall stats and high defense and sp defense
With 9 resistances, I immunity and 2 weaknesses
It has the ability iron barbs which is not that bad.
But galvantula with lower stats ( not a big difference ) has high speed and a not bad sp attack
With 4 resistances and 2 weaknesses
But the main thing about galvantula is its ability compound eyes which increases accuracy by 30% increasing the accuracy of thunder.
Therefore I suggest galvantula due to its ability speed sp attack and lack of a 4x weakness which gives it the edge.
Hope I helped.