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I have tried to catch thousands of Joltiks in Black 2 but all have stupid natures.
And I don't have a Ralts or Abra with Trace etc.
All are almost the same level. Looking at the stats there is one with the best IVs. But it is Jolly natured.So what to do with it. Galvantula is not pretty good Physically.Its only good physical moves are:-X-Scissors and Wild Charge.
So do I try to make a Physical Galvantula or make this a special one or just keep trying for a better nature like Modest(Galvantula alredy has lots of Speed)
Its for Competitive (and sometimes ingame) use.

Providing a moveset is always good.

If this is for competitive play, then you're not going to get a usable Pokemon by attempting to catch one, you'll have to breed for it.

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If you're going to use it for competitive play I would breed one instead.

Honestly, if you're using the galvantula competitively in Black2 then there's not much competitive stuff that happens there any more, so good luck! xD

if you're catching it in Black 2 and then transferring it to XY because you dont have ORAS then just get a Joltik off the GTS and change the nature via breeding.

Honestly it's a TERRIBLE idea to use caught Pokemon competetively, its much better to breed them and honestly a lot more viable and easier.

Its for XY Competitive.