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My future team is:

I just can't decide between Galvantula and Eelektross. Eelektross has no weaknesses due to Levitate, but Galvantula with Compoundeyes and Zoom lens gives a 100% Thunder. Can you help me decide, please?

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Keep in mind, Zoom Lens only works if Galvantula moves AFTER the target, and Galvantula is pretty friggin' fast. Your better off with Wide Lens, if you still feel the need to boost his accuraccy. It goes up 10% with that item, but it does not matter if he moves before OR after the target.

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ok if you are going to use galvantula you dont need the zoom lens 91% is still reliable useing just the compound eyes. being a bug type he has a lot of type advantages your team could use(like how bug can kill grass to help krookodile and carracosta)give galvantula the life orb and teach it THUNDER BUG BUZZ VOLT SWITCH and ENERGY BALL and you've got a very powerfull sweeper

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Thank you for answering and confirming that Galvantula is amazing. :) If I would've picked Galvantula I would give him the same moveset. Just saying.
Wow, your team is awesome. Here's mine (it changes alot):
i would use galvantula cuz the only weak spot for him or her is ground or fire.he is definatliy a power house.but be awere that galvantula has low HP.feed him carbos to up his speed so he will go first in battle. good luck!
chandelure-gengar i think this is more of an in game team ?
Another thing about the zoom lens—it only works if you move after the target.  I agree that this is a great moveset for Galvantula.