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Gender: Male
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Favorite Pokémon: Chandelure, Hydreigon, Ferrothorn, Gengar, Mewtwo, Galvantula, Carracosta, Blastoise, Starmie, Metagross, Aerodactyl, Golem, Walrein, Reuniclus, Spiritomb, Torterra, Ferrothorn, Krookodile, Scolipede, Rhyperior, Tropius, Serperior, Aggron, Skarmory, Zekrom, Giratina, and more
Friend Codes: White: 5372 3045 0864

I have SoulSilver, but I'm still training.
About me: I like Pokemon alot, I think and talk about it every day. I also like Egypt, my favorite god is Anubis. My Pokemon team changes alot, an when I go to college I might be a sound desinger.

My team (as of April 10) Chandelure, Hydreigon, Ferrothorn, Metagross, Starmie, and Zapdos.

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