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Which Pokemon is better competitively?
Formats: OU, 1v1 singles and Ubers


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Zygarde is better in OU because it has access to thousand arrows, which lets it more easily counter Zapdos and steel flying Pokemon. It also learns dragon dance, which lets it raise speed and physical attack at the same time.
Garchomp is better in 1v1 because it's faster, so giving it a choice scarf allows it to outspeed stuff like mega Charizard X. Speed is more important in 1v1 because there are no revenge killers in 1v1.
Zygarde is better in Ubers because it can become 100% form, which lets it wall a lot of stuff that Garchomp can't.

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Zygarde outclasses Garchomp.

Not only does Zygarde have a better bulk than Garchomp, but, with its ability, Power Construct, it can use its full form. Also, in competitive, Zygarde is MORE useful than Garchomp. Despite Garchomp, having a mega form, its mega form sucks in competitive, and you can't really run anything for a Mega Garchomp set. Zygarde, on the other hand, gets access to MUCH more than Garchomp. You can run a bulky Zygarde to handle Fairy, Dragon, or Ice type Pokemon.
Also, Zygarde can OHKO a Garchomp using Outrage with a Life Orb.

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Zygarde isn't fast enough to outclass Garchomp in 1v1.