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I got a Gible with jolly from wonder trade with rough skin. So I'm thinking of getting a Garchomp for competitive play. But I don't know whether to Mega evolve it, or keep at at normal. At normal, it does have higher speed and rough skin. But jolly helps with mega garchomps lower speed, and it has an insane base 170 attack. So which one; Mega or non-mega? (If you can, provide moveset. I was thinking e-quake, outrage, crunch, and brick break/stone edge. Also this should be an all-out attacker)

Regular Garchomp isn't good without swords dance or stealth rock, and mega Garchomp is a waste of a mega. It's outclassed by Charizard.
^ Sums it up pretty perfectly.
Regular Garchomp is good with Scarf too. But yeah, it's best sets are SD, Scarf, and Rocks.
It's outclassed by Charizard in everything except STYLE. Mega Charizard had a lame Shiny compared to the glorious Mega Garchomp.

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There is no reason to use Mega Garchomp outside of Sand. Just use regular Garchomp.

Don't just say it, explain why.