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I've heard that when Garchomp mega evolves, it loses speed but gains attack. I'm wondering how much speed does it lose. Also, if possible, can I get a better choice. I'm at the mega stone place and curious about which stone to get.

This is one of those rare questions, where if you tried looking up the answer on this site, you actually get the right answer. Therefore, this question is not allowed.
I would clear flags if there wasn't a weird bug going on right now because I don't think the DB does give the full answer to the question. When Garchomp Mega Evolves its base Speed goes down by 10, but how much the stat itself goes down varies.

Of course, I could be wrong, but when I compared stats there certainly wasn't a drop of 10 stat points.

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While Garchomp's base Speed stat does drop from 102 to 92 when it Mega Evolves, it does not lose a flat 10 points in those stats. Instead, it loses a percentage of its Speed. And while I'm not going to go and write out 100 levels of percentages, I did test a few different levels. The Garchomp I used had 252 Speed EVs, 31 IVs and a neutral nature:

Speed of Lv 10 Garchomp: 34
Speed of Lv 10 Mega Garchomp: 32

32 ÷ 34 = approx. 0.9411 = approx. 94%
approx. 6% drop in speed

Speed of Lv 50 Garchomp: 154
Speed of Lv 50 Mega Garchomp: 144

144 ÷ 154 = approx. 0.9350 = approx. 94%
approx. 6% drop in speed

Speed of Lv 70 Garchomp: 213
Speed of Lv 70 Mega Garchomp: 199

199 ÷ 213 = approx. 0.9342 = approx. 93%
approx. 7% drop in speed

Speed of Lv 100 Garchomp: 303
Speed of Lv 100 Mega Garchomp: 283

283 ÷ 303 = approx. 0.9339 = approx. 93%
approx. 7% drop in speed

As you can see, when a Garchomp with the build that I specified in the beginning Mega Evolves, it lose 6-7% of it's total Speed*. If you want to know the exact numbers, do what I did and enter a vanilla Garchomp and a Mega Garchomp with identical stats into Smogon's Damage Calculator — it will show you. If you want to calculate the percentage just divide Mega Garchomp's speed by Garchomp's speed, and multiply your answer by 100.

* Without EVs the percentage is slightly higher, but not drastically. I encourage you t play around with the math yourself.

I hope this helps!

P.S. Please please tell me if I messed something up, it's midnight when I'm writing this and I'm prone to errors.

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I think that the reason that they lowered Mega Garchomp's speed because, it  could really be a "killer" in battles and take out most legendarys And even be a treat to arecus himself. Trust me i did the research: if his speed increased he'll be faster than legendarys(some) and arecus would try and destroy the garchomp race because of that very fact.
The below answer was previously selected as best, but I went ahead and selected this one because it shows percentages, which can be applied to any speed stat that Garchomp has, while the other answer only has the stat drop in the base stat, which is a flat number. It's not incorrect, but Garchomp's speed isn't always going to be lowered by 10 when it mega evolves.
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Garchomp's stats are 108 in HP, 130 in Attack, 095 in Defense, 080 in Special Attack, 085 in Special Defense, and 102 in Speed.

When it Mega Evolves, its stats become 108 in HP, 170 in Attack, 115 in Defense, 120 in Special Attack, 095 in Special Defense, and 092 in Speed.

So, its stat increases are +40 in Attack, +20 in Defense, +40 in Special Attack, +10 in Special Defense, and -10 in Speed.

As for which Mega in Pokémon Sun/Moon is the better choice, (I don't want to lead you down the wrong path) here are some suggestions [because these have every stat (HP, Att., Def., S.A., S.D., and Speed) increased]:
Metagross, Salemence, Sharpedo, Swampert, Banette, Medicham, Blaziken, Scizor, Aerodactyl, Pinsir, and Kangaskhan

Oh ok, thanks :)
A much easier and more accurate way to determine which mega evolutions are the best is to go to smogon.com/stats/ and check which ones are used the most.
I don't play like that, bud.
But you just said that you didn't want to lead him down the wrong path. I'm trying to inform you about a good way to not lead him down the wrong path, and you brought up personal preferences for some reason. I think you're not supposed to let personal preferences get in the way of the possibility of making your answer better.