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Because some people say mega Garchomp Is worse than mega audino

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Mega garchomp is no where near worse than mega audino. MGar is very strong. It's problem is that it's actually worse than standard Garchomps so no one ever uses it. It's not bad just not optimal.

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Mega Garchomp is not bad. Definitely not as bad as Mega Audino.

It’s known to be worse than standard Garchomp.

Garchomp is a Sweeper with good attack and decent speed. Mega Garchomp swaps it’s Speed for bulk. This makes it weak to fast moving sweepers as well as just plain slow, hence more people use standard Garchomp.

Mega Garchomp also doesn’t get a life orb which basically does the same job as Garchompite but with 10% HP recoil and no speed drop.

Mega Garchomps Ability is also much more situational and rough skin can end up activating a lot in battle so more people prefer Garchomp’s ability.

So MGarchomp doesn’t have the Speed,Items or ability to be as good as Garchomp.

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It's not a bad Pokemon. It's just not as good as its regular form. Regular Garchomp can be played multiple ways while while Mega Garchomp can only be played with one role and that is for the sole purpose of taking down the enemy. It's ability, Sand Force is also wasted on a Pokemon like Garchomp who can boost it's attack with swords dance. Bottomline, regular Garchomp just has more uses. However that doesnt mean that you should underestimate Mega Garchomp. That 170 attack is no joke and iirc it has the third highest attack after Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Rayquaza