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He looks so awesome with more spikes around him, blades for hands and his manly looking jaw. His mega’s shiny is amazing.

Its speed gets decreased, which everyone says is a bad thing for Garchomp, but that doesn't bother me at all.
Don't know why people dislike Mega Garchomp.

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333 / Garchomp / 102 / +Spe / 252 / 0
331 / Thundurus-Therian / 101 / +Spe / 252 / 0
328 / Charizard (Mega-X), Charizard (Mega-Y), Gardevoir (Mega), Medicham (Mega), Manaphy, Salamence, Victini, Volcarona / 100 / +Spe / 252 / 0
324 / Hydreigon / 98 / +Spe / 252 / 0
320 / Mimikyu / 96 / +Spe / 252 / 0
319 / Diancie (Mega) / 110/ Neutral / 252 / 0
317 / Gliscor, Kyurem-Black, Tapu Lele, Zygarde / 95 / +Spe / 252 / 0
315 / Terrakion / 108 / Neutral / 252 / 0
311 / Garchomp (Mega) / 92 / +Spe / 252 / 0

So those are all the Pokemon (at least all the ones in OU) that Garchomp stops outspeeding when it mega evolves. Mega evolving Garchomp also means not mega evolving a teammate, so mega Garchomp can fit on fewer teams than non-mega Garchomp can.

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Mega Garchomp isn't as good as regular Garchomp with Choice Scarf: Scarf Chomp with moves like Earthquake, Outrage, Fire blast, and Stone Edge is faster and more resourceful than using a mega stone on Garchomp. Ultamately, the stat increase of Mega Garchomp don't add up to the power of Choice Scarfed Garchomp.

Hope I Helped!

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Fire Blast... luv ya Stakatacool but that's the worst moveset for a Garchomp possible lol
Fire blast covers steel types that may threaten Garchomp. It is actually a good lure and prediction.
Choice Scarf? One move? Or you'd have to switch letting Steels come in on you.
Chomp's special attaack sits at a terrible 80. If you're going to run a special move on Garchomp, you might as well have a sweeper Amoongus. If you need fire coverage that bad, use Fire Fang. Also, ScarfChomp is totally overrated, rocky helmet s rocks setter is much better
It depends on what you want to hit. Fire Blast hits Skarmory a lot better, and hits threats like Ferrothorn for similar damage (both moves 2HKO the SpDef set). Celesteela is the main advantage of Fire Fang, but that Pokemon is far less prominent than Skarmory nowadays. But then, Fire Blast is the less reliable move.
I think it's a lot more even than you present.
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He not only loses unnecessary speed, but he also wastes a mega slot that could be used. Not only that, but he loses his signature ability, Rough Skin, which is a large part of why people use him in the first place. On top of all that, when he mega evolves, he has to hold a mega stone, which makes him unable to hold any items like Rocky Helmet, Dragonium Z, Choice Scarf, and Groundinium Z just to name a few. In all, the only circumstances where Garchomp-Mega is better then regular Garchomp is on a sand team.

Summary: Having Garchomp as a mega wastes
- A mega slot
- An item
- Speed
- Rough Skin

And Gains:
- Higher attack
- Sand Rush

Yeah, seems pretty obvious to me Garchomp-Mega sucks.

Side Notes: A Pokemon's design has nothing to do with its usage stats so you mentioning that in your description of the question doesn't mean anything.

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