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So my team I'm currently breeding includes
·Garchomp-Adamant and Rough Skin
·Arcanine-Intimidate and Jolly
·Aegislash-Adamant and Stance Change
·Toxapex-Calm and Merciless
·Togekiss-Timid and Serene Grace

So what I'm looking for is a Mega and the only Pokemon I've concluded that will be useful is between Sceptile because it counters ground types as you can see my team or Manectric because it can possibly one-shot any water types that mess with my 2 physical attackers I'm not looking for a rate my team I'm just asking what would be more useful for my team. And if neither are useful please give me another idea for Mega I'm pretty much looking for a Sp. Atk Mega.

I think you should post this in the Rate My Team section, with more information on format, items, EVs, and moves.

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Mega Sceptile

While it is not a top tier Mega, between the two it seems to fit better. For Water types, you already have a huge wall in the form of Toxapex, and M-Sceptile can still OHKO plenty with its Grass moves. The con is that you will have a serious Ice weakness (3 weak, 2 of which are 4x) where as with Manectric, you will have a major Ground Weakness (4 weak, all 2x). While this Ground weakness is somewhat remedied by Togekiss, it alone does not have enough firepower to easily KO most Ground threats, or faster sweepers with EQ. Further, a lot of EQ users also have Stone Edge/Rock Slide which is again something you don't want your Togekiss to go against.

Further, M-Sceptile also boasts of a more diverse movepool, with Grass (Leaf Storm and Giga Drain) and Dragon moves at disposal as well as EQ, X Scissor and so on. In comparison, M-Manectric is Overheat + Electric STAB move, and little else for effective use.

A typical moveset for M-Sceptile used is a mixed set, with Leaf Storm, Drain Punch, Earthquake and Dragon Pulse, although you can mix around based on team requirements. Alternatively, a pure Special Attacker in the form of Dragon Pulse, Focus Blast, Giga Drain, Leaf Storm/HP [Fire]/ EQ also works well.

Other uses for M-Sceptile are to stop VoltTurn teams with Lightning Rod or as a Physical Sweeper with Swords Dance.