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Okay so yesterday Serebii announced a Mega Evolution for Sceptile and revealed when it Mega Evolves it becomes a Grass/Dragon type. They also revealed it has the Lightning Rod Ability when it Mega Evolves.

Mega Sceptile is Grass/Dragon-type
Mega Sceptile has Lightning Rod

Since there are no Grass/Dragon or Dragon/Grass types and because I'm too lazy to do it myself :P, I'd like someone to find out and tell me what it's normally damaged by, what it's weak to, what it's resistant to, and it's immunities if it has any. Thanks in advance.

Useful for this kind of stuff.
There is a button that says Show all types
Grass/Dragon and Dragon/Grass isn't on the dual type chart because there isn't a Pokémon of those types :s
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Damaged Normally by:

Weak to:

Immune to:

Resistant to:

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Damaged Normally by: Normal, Fire, Fighting, Psychic, Rock, Ghost, Dark, Steel.
Weak to: Flying, Poison, Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Ice.
Immune to: Electric (w/ Lightningrod).
Resistant to: Water, Grass, Electric (w/o Lightningrod), Ground.

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Normal - Normal Damage
Fire - Normal Damage
Water - 1/4x Damage
Electric - 1/4x Damage (0x with Lightningrod)
Grass - 1/4x Damage
Ice - 4x Damage
Fighting - Normal Damage
Poison - 2x Damage
Ground - 1/2x Damage
Flying - 2x Damage
Psychic - Normal Damage
Bug - 2x Damage
Rock - Normal Damage
Ghost - Normal Damage
Dragon - 2x Damage
Dark - Normal Damage
Steel - Normal Damage
Fairy - 2x Damage

Source (Just click "Show All Types")

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