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I know 10% starts at lvl. 30, what about 50% and I think you can make a 100%? Also, follow up question, where are all the Cores and Cells in Sun?


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If Zygarde is assembled completely from Cells and Cores from the Zygarde Cube, its level depends on whether the player has become the Champion. Before the player has become Champion, an assembled Zygarde will be level 30, but after, it will be level 50.


And here is the list of Zygarde Cores and Cells for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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Is there a seribee link, because I cannot access Bulbapedia.
I'll try to find a serebii link. It seems I'm not the only one who's having issues with it today...

Do you want a link for the level or for the list of Cells and Cores?
Both if possible, if not, just the Cells and Cores.
Never mind, I found it on my own, here's the link for the zygarde cells and cores. https://www.serebii.net/sunmoon/zygarde.shtml
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