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Infernape or Typhlosion? Pidgeot or Staraptor? Luxray or Raichu? Judging by moves and power aswell as your own personal opinions please.

EDIT : I have chosen Infernape, im using Flygon instead and im using Ampharos instead too.

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Hi Kenroku, welcome to the site! We like to steer clear of opinionated questions. Since you asked about power I'll leave this one open, but please remember in future :)
Good choice with infernape and amphy , but there are better choices than flygon. You said personal opinion so here you go.

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Infernape better moves

starapter close combat is awesome

luxray and raichu are equal in my opion it depends on what you want static can be useful but imtimidate is also useful

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It has an awesome close combat, not to mention fly. It has WAY higher attack and slightly higher speed. They both have 3 not very effective types to them and 3 weaknesses. Staraptor has the useful Intimidate ability which is much better than Pidgeot's abilities. They are both Fling/Normal. Here are some moves for the 2:

Staraptor: Attack: Brave Bird, Fly, Close Combat, Aireal Ace, Steel Wing, Pluck
Special Attack: Hidden Power

Pidgeot: Attack: Fly, Aireal Ace, Pluck, U-Turn, Facade
Special Attack: Air Slash, Twister

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infernape best move is close combat and he have waseome moves

staraptor too have close combat

and i think is luxaray not raichu.

is beter more luxio equal at raichu!

sorry by the errors im portuguese