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So this is My Lapras Moveset

Lapras (M) @ Leftovers

Role: Suicide Tank Lapras

Trait: Shell Armour

Relaxed Nature (+Def, -spe)

Perish Song


EV 1: 108 HP / 200 Def / 200 SDef

EV 2: 252 HP / 180 Def / 76 SDef

I think Lapras already has enough base HP of 130 (EXTREMELY HIGH) so I think the extra EV on defense and sp defense makes it very Tanky, therefore the first option is better. But many people say, always max HP so I am pretty lost. What do you recommend?

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I noticed the tag is for in-game. If so, that's a lot of effort, frankly, for a suicide role. In fact, apart from a niche role in the lower tiers, this set is odd, but to be fair, I really, really like it, because it's so specific, and well, different.

Anyway, on to your question. This depends on your opponent's Pokemon, I suppose. If the opposing Pokemon is a sweeper, then you're best off using another Pokemon to dispose it, considering its defenses might be frail.

That leaves other Tanks and hard-to-take down Walls.

Tanks can take hits and hit back comparatively hard, so in that case, both HP and Defense are important.

However, Walls rely mostly on passive damage, so HP loses out because, well, passive damage is % based, as opposed to actual HP. That leaves out Seismic Toss, which is a specific case where HP is important. Just barely.

Honestly, looking at all of that, I suggest the first, more mixed spread. You don't really need max HP, if your Lapras is going to stay in and faint due to the Perish Count falling to 0, in which case no amount of HP is going to help you. The mixed spread might help you survive a turn or two longer.

All in all, the results are confusing and slightly inconclusive, but that's because there's no real threat or counter to this moveset, nor a specific target, so you don't really have much to compare it with.

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I know my move set is really weird but i remember that I lead a lot of irritating prankster status move Pokemon eg Klefki to hell with me.  From the the details u wrote for me, I decided to use mix spread  (first option). Thanks for the advice!
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The first one because higher defenses mean Lapras would be able to take hits regardless of his HP stat.