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Hi all..
I am new to Pokemon strategy game and recently learn about EV

I am building a team and curently need a tank role..
My question is what is best EV for tank/wall Pokemon?
Which one better :
1. 252 HP, 128 Def, 128 SpDef
2. 252 Def, 252 SpDef, 4 HP

I dont know what will be my tank Pokemon, but I guess it's lapras or blastoise (i dunno if there are better tank in the game)

Thanks in advance..

This varies for every single Pokemon, and EV spreads are absolutely not limited to the two you listed -- in fact, there would be very few Pokemon that use one of the two exact spreads you listed. Competitive play is incredibly broad and varied, so there may not even be an overall "best" EV spread for defensive Pokemon, but most will have something like 252-248 HP, a large amount in either defensive stat and the remainder in the next best spot.

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The EVs you usually want to run on a Pokemon is 252 EVs in HP, then put another 252 EVs in only one of the two defensive stats (Defense or Sp. Defense.) In the case of Lapras or Blastoise, I would recommend putting it into Sp. Defense. Generally speaking you just want your Pokemon to be able to handle one of the two defensive fronts--Defense or Sp. Defense. This is because most Pokemon don't have the stats to do both with good results.

If you really want to do both though, though I wouldn't advise it, you could begin by putting 252 into HP, then split the EVs so that both Defense and Sp. Defense so that both are equal(Not in EV count, but in terms of actual stats). But no matter what you do, you always want a Calm Nature for either Blastoise or Lapras. Also, you should NEVER put your EVs into both Defense and Sp. Defense and none into HP. This ends up being a very inefficient spread that causes them to be less of a tank compared to 252 HP +Defensive EVs.

What i catch from your answer is "there is no pokemon who can do both defend and sp.defend at the same time", am i right?

Btw, the sentence "NEVER put your EVs into both Defense and Sp. Defense and none into HP." is the answer i am seeking for.. I simply assume full HP + half def + half spdef > full def + full spdef..
Thanks alot, the true pokemon master
I learn a lot from you.. Thanks again
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The next tank I know off is a 252Def 252 sdef 4 hp shuckle with this moveset
Safeguard/bug buzz
Before the withdraw the defenses pod this thing are 614 each I like to have it hold the Sitrus berry and ability gluttony to be a jerk cause sturdy is almost worthless unless you going up against a charzard x in the sun using flare blitz to no end
Hope I helped with that one but for the first one I think a troll militoc works best
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Ev the first one
Aqua Ring
Ice beam / safeguard/mirror coat

Btw sorry for my laziness but I hope I helped

This does not properly address the question. The asker didn't request movesets.