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Apart from the fact one is made of bricks and the other has a big gun ;)

I mean in Pokemon competitive battling, obviously. I've seen these two terms being used, do they mean the same?

Are there 'mixed tanks'? Heh.

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A tank is a Pokemon who is inclined in the Attack and Defense of a certain Spectrum (Rhydon has very high Defense and Attack, so it's considered a "Physical" Tank, and a Pokemon like Gardevoir, with high Special Attack and Special Defense, are referred to as "Special Tanks").

A Wall is a Pokemon who can use their HP and Defenses to resist attacks. A Pokemon with high Special Defense stat, like Mantine, are considered "Special Walls." Pokemon like Aggron, with high Defense, are called "Physical Walls." Pokemon like Shuckle who have high Defense AND Special Defense, are called "Mixed Walls."

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I think "Tank" is who has higher attack and defend, but "Wall" is who has higher both defend and sp.defend. for "Tank" is like Tyranitar and "Wall" is like Shuckle! I think...

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A tank a pokemon with high HP, def, or s.def and attack or S. attack. a wall a pokemon that has high hp and def, hp and S. def, or def and S. def. A tank is machamp, or torterra a wall is blissey or bastiodon. a tank usally has strong offensive moves as well as one or two status moves. a wall usaually has status moves recovery moves and maybe one or two offensive.

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