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I need a a defensive wall/tank, anything that can take alot of hits. So what are all the lists of pokemon that is good as a defensive wall? And dont include legendaries

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Umbreon - great def spdef and hp -has access to healing and status move
Ludicolo - great in rain with leftovers rain dish and leech seed also has great typing and movepool
Blissey - can be a great wall
Rydon Rhyperior - great def and atk making good tanks
Rydon @evolite - great def and ability to atk
Shuckle - poor hp but great def can work well in sandstorm
Duscolops with evolite - gives it base 195 in def stats
Duskonoir - decent def
There are many more as well
Like porygon 2 @ecolite - ou
I'll add in more later as well
Mantine - good sp wall
Tentracruel - good spdef has access to t spikes
Aggron - good tank
Larrion - with evolite has great def
Bastidon - looks like a wall as well
Skarmory - how could I forget him
Steelix - great def
Forretress - ability to spike
Snorlax - with curse

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people always say that skarmory is the best defensive wall but is that true? it has good typing and resists alot of common moves but i think its 65 base hp is quite low for taking alot of hits
He's supposed to be a physical wall in the same way Blissey is a special wall. He's easily one of the best when it comes to physical attacks. his base 140 defense, combined with great typing is what helps him out. He only has two weakensses (fire and electric) and those two are typically special attacks, so most physical moves are going to bounce right  off of him. He can roost off any damage once he's taken a few hits.
Well my fav is umbreon it has all round good stats not including atk spatk and speed
But skarmory is good because of its typing plus can sturdy I think so
Makes a good wall
I wouldn't say the best
Well Blissey can take MUCH more special hits than skarmory can take physical hits. The amout of hits blissey can take cant even compare to skarmorys. The only reason why i think skarmory is considered the best physical wall is because there isnt any other pokemon thats better than him at defensing. But still blisseys massive 255 hp compared to skarmorys 65 hp and skamorys defense is only 5 points higher than blisseys sp def. Both get recovery moves, and blissey only has 1 weakness which can easily be handled by team support(Ghost type) and skarmory has 2 weaknesses. So I think blissey and skarmory shouldnt be the "Skarmbliss combo" but since there isnt any other pokemon that can fill the role of defensing as much as skarmorys, Skarmory became the king of physical walls IMO
my fav is ferrothorn
gengar, blissey is seriously flawed. there many ways in which blissey can go wrong. anything with decent attack, like aggron or metagross with zen headbutt will wipe the floor with blissey!
It's called switching Doomnoodle. And besides, he said Blissey is a better Special Wall than Skarmory is physical, which is true. Nowhere did he say it is good at taking physical hits.
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Ferrothorn - One of the best!

Lugia - Pretty good w/ recovery moves

jellicent - Also good as a staller

Cofagrigrius - good for weird psychic and ghost moves, messes up strategy

Latias - Great stats!

That's all I can think of, I'll ad more if I can think of them.