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I need a water type for my team and I was thinking between Milotic or Kingdra.

Milotic moveset would be:
Ice Beam

My kingdra moveset would be:
Dragon Pulse
Outrage (breed)

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It depends on the rest of your team. I do have some moveset suggestions. For Kingdra replace Dragon Pulse with Draco Meteor and for Milotic replace Toxic, Recover, and Surf for Scald, Rest, and Sleep Talk.

Kingdra should definately be used on a team with Rain support. In all other cases, go with Milotic.

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Use Kingdra, but this moveset would work better.

Dragon Dance ( Stats )
Waterfall ( Physical Compliments D Dance )
Outrage ( STAB )
Ice Beam ( Coverage )

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I would go with kingdra right now, right now it has the best move set and it is pretty strong, but if you changed milotic's move set a little (like removing toxic) then you should go for milotic

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Milotic totally but you need to change its moveset a bit OK

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I think you should have kingdra

item dragon fang

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I would go with Kingdra. He has pretty good stats all around, so you don't have to worry much about his moveset. Your's is good except replace Dragon Pulse with Draco Meteor. Much more effective and powerful since Kingdra has good special attack.

Also give him a dragon fang and those dragon moves will be amazingly powerful.

Hope this helps =)

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