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I'm trying to build a rain team and I want one of them on my team.


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  • Has just two weaknesses
  • Well-rounded stats
  • Has good STAB coverage
  • Gets two great abilities in Swift Swim and Sniper
  • With Swift Swim it can turn into a terrifying rain sweeper
  • Is one of the few Pokemon that can run a full-time crit set
  • Can be either physical and special, with Dragon Dance


  • Outside of it's STABs, it doesn't really have many coverage options
  • It's bulk fails it sometimes
  • Usually has to set up to get into action, which isn't always an option
  • Barely misses outspeeding Pokemon outside of rain



  • Extraordinary bulk
  • Above average Special Attack
  • Has the unique ability Marvel Scale, which patches it's physical bulk when afflicted by status
  • The aforementioned ability also works with Rest + Sleep Talk combo
  • Can take an offensive role with it's other ability, Competitive
  • Scares off Pokemon with Intimidate because of it's other ability, and soft-counters Sticky Web teams
  • Can work independent of rain


  • Strong Physical attackers scare it
  • Has Grass and Electric weakness, which is pretty common
  • While it has good Special Attack, many a times it ends up not using it
  • Speed is not up at mark for the offensive variants
  • Doesn't have many coverage options, usually has to rely on Hidden Power and Dragon Tail for utility


Milotic serves more as the bulk of your team, rather than a sweeper. Kingdra is a more sweeper oriented Pokemon, which like to take offense and try not to get hit while at it. If your team lacks bulk, Milotic is the better option, and if it lacks firepower, go for Kingdra.

Hope I helped!

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Thanks this really, helps I'm going for kingdra because I'm already going to use Swampert, Rotom(wash), Lapras so Kingdra should go well with my rain team.
Just as a small side advice: unless your doing a mono water team, so many water types aren't a good choice, even for a rain team. It leaves a lot of weaknesses... But I'm guessing this is monotype.
thanks for the advice. I'm not sure what type of battle type I'm making yet besides a rian team. I need one more pokemon to finish it, I have Swampert, Rotom(wash), Lapras, Kingdra, and Kyogre; all I need now is a good Hurricane user.