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I'm thinking about getting a Critdra that will outspeed a salamence, I know if I put agility on it I could use that, but I'm wondering if I max out its speed then I will be faster.


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Not under usual circumstances. Salamence often run max speed as well, and their 100 base speed would always be more than Kingdra's 85 base speed. At max Kingdra hits 295 speed, while Salamence hits 328,

However, there are some ways in which Kingdra can go faster. One way is through Agility as you said. The other is through Swift Swim. You would have to forgo Sniper for it though, so be sure that outspeeding Salamence is of highest prioroty if you're choosing this alternative.

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Swift Swim Critdra

Have another teammate set up rain holding damp rock, switch in Kingdra holding Scope Lens and use focus energy. Then, its Swift swim ability will let it outspeed and crit pokemon in the rain.

Thanks! I might run agility and see how that works out
To be honest I would prefer Swift Swim, but that would mean you need a weather setter and weather isn't really strong in singles. I doubles it's a different story though.

But based from experience, I don't think a CritDra is supposed to outspeed much. It's not a sweeper or revenge killer, but rather a wall breaker. It's main function is to break down slow walls that set up their defenses. If you want to run a sweeper set on Kingdra I would say run Choice Scarf/Dragon Dance instead.