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i need a dragon type and I have flygon but I know how to get kingdra. I know kingdra has higher total stats but flygon has higher attack and speed.


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Kingdra can work as an amazing rain sweeper. It can run either physical or special sets. Beward, drizzle and swift swim is banned in ou, though. If not in rain, Kingdra can make of good use with a choice scarf. It gets extra speed that it needs. Otherwise, it can run a dragon dance set. Using dragon dance when the foe is most likely to switch.

Flygon can also make great use of a scarf. It is one of the best sweepers in UU. it has a scary ice weakness. Nobody wants to take a STAB outrage to the face, though.

It all depends on your team and what you need. What weaknesses you have. What types you want to cover. All in all, i'd go kingdra.

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I would use Flygon as a UU sweeper, and Kingdra as an Uber rain sweeper. Flygon and Kingdra are the main dragons in UU, but I feel that Kingdra benefits more from Swift Swim, and Kyogre is in Uber. You could also use it in OU, and instead have its Sniper ability to increase the damage done on crit hits.

Ability: Levitate
Item: Choice Scarf/ Band
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Nature: Adamant/ Jolly
Outrage/ Dragon Claw
Rock Slide/ Stone Edge

Ability: Swift Swim
Item: Life Orb/ Sniper
EVs: 200 Speed, 252 Sp. Atk 56 HP
Ice Beam
Dragon Pulse
Draco Meteor (-2 sp. atk)/ Scald (burn hax)

Kingdra has the advantage of being able to run a physical set or a special set. Flygon mainly runs a physical set. Personally, I'd use Flygon in UU, and Kingdra in OU/ Uber. Depends which tier you want to play in and/ or what role you want them to fill. You have to think about Flygon's x4 Ice weakness too, while Kingdra has the distinction of being one of 2 dragons only weak to Dragon moves, the other of Palkia.

swift swim and drizzle is banned in OU
Sorry; I was thinking of Kyogre and typed out Politoed. T__T
i can cover it with flamethrower or rock slide
U are forgetting fairy type...
This was answered before Fairy type was even introduced. Please look at the date before commenting.