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I know that critical hits ignore stat changes, but when I use Draco Meteor with my Scope Lens/Focus Energy Kingdra, it says that its Special Attack was lowered.


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I think you understand it wrong...

What a critical hit does is ignore your current stat drops and opponent Stat increases as it exludes those from the actual calculation.

This does not mean it will ignore drops or increases caused by the used move.
Draco Meteor will always lower Special Attack - but if you get a critical hit with it WHILE on -2 Special Attack, the damage will be the same as if it you got a critical hit while on your original Special Attack.

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I think you've confused what this means.

Critical hits don't prevent negative stat changes from happening, all they do is exclude them from the damage calculation. So you will still receive the Special Attack drop from Draco Meteor, but when you use an attacking move and get a critical hit, that Special Attack drop won't reduce the damage dealt.

So the general idea is that they ignore negative stat changes, but they don't completely stop them from happening in the first place.

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