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This is the damage calculation formula. Critical hits count under the "modifier" section.

Critical hits will have a value of 2 if they happen (or 3 if your pokemon has sniper) otherwise, they just have one.

I tried this out on PO by attacking a pair of Porygon 2 with frost breath: one with evolite, and one without. There is some error since there is a random digit coming into account, but there was a fairly significant difference in damage done, meaning the game still does take into account evolite and other items for that matter. There's also the fact that the game runs through stats before modifiers, so it would have accounted for the stats before the modifiers.

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I am not sure I understand the question? Are you asking whether or not critical hits are effected by the 1.5 boost to defenses by the evolite? To answer simply they are. Critical hits do the damage of the move x2, Evolite boosts defenses by 1.5. So the Pokemon holding the Evolite is still boosted by the Evolite. Example: Porygon2 vs. Honchekrow(this example will be using imaginary stats)


The Porygon2 has 100 Defense, because of the evolite it will be 150 Defense. Honchkrow is using Nightslash, and Honchkrow has an attack stat that is so high it will do 100 damage a Pokemon with 100 Defense, but because of the evolite boost the attack will only do 75 damage. Supposing the Honchkrow used Nightslash and got a critical, this attack that would have done 75 damage will now do 150 Damage. If Porygon did not have the evolite the attack would have done 200 Damage.

Since critical hits ignore stat changes such as those given by Stockpile and Cosmic Power, I was wondering if it also ignores the stat boosts of Eviolite.