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I'm split between cloysyer and starmie. I've had a history with cloyster and he's been good in the past while starmie has zap cannon and other electric move capabilities and I don't have an electric type Pokemon. I know that starmie has really good speed but cloyster has an extremely high defense. Someone please help.

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I would personally recommend you using Starmie for the same reason that you are choosing between the 2 in the first place:

Starmie Advantages

  • Compared to Cloyster, Starmie has better distrubuted stats then Cloyster.
  • It is faster then Cloyster
  • It can be used a little better because of the fact that one of the most important moves in-game(surf) will not only be useful but it will hit much harder when Starmie uses it
  • It has acces to electric type moves and more.

Cloyster advantages

  • It has great defensive stats

  • It has ok offensive possiblities

However you must take notice that Cloyster isn't a fantastic Pokemon as the sole reason that it become useful was because of the generation V move, Sshell Smash which it lacks in all other generations. Although it has great defenses, this is easily broken in-game as powerful attacks will tend to break through his defenses and render him useless. Also if you were to bring a cloyster and a Starmie in a fight, Starmie would win because of it's great utility. However you tend to like your Cloyster very much huh?
For this reason I would say choose the one you like best, but if you would want great utility, coverage, power and speed, I would say go for Starmie :)

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Thanks alot! But yeah I've always been a cloyster fan but I've always needed potions or revives with me. So I think it's time for a change and again thanks alot!
Cloyster isn't neutral against grass. It just has a STAB move against its Grass weakness.
np :)

Oh yeah that is true, ty for the extra notice fondant :)