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Other than legendaries,are any ice or electric types able to use the move fly?

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Ice Types that can learn fly:
• Articuno
• Kyurem
Electric Types that can learn fly:
• Zapdos
• Zekrom

Sadly, only legendary Pokemon have an Ice or Electric typing and can learn fly. However, if you would like to see if any other Pokemon can learn fly, you may check here.

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Thanks,That sucks though,I'm writing a pokemon story thing and I didn't want to include legendaries yet,Oh well ImmortalKitty rides on a Noivern with KTHB lol
There is also Delibird,but I think you don't want to use it.

Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/delibird
There's an event Pikachu that learns Fly actually.
drd sndstrm, Pado00405 said BESIDES LEGENDARIES and, it's not true that only legendaries have electric or ice flying types.
Electric/Flying (Besides legendaries):
Fan Rotom
Pom-Pom Oricorio
Ice/Flying (Besides legendaries)