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Im building an NU team, and I cant find any Pokemon that can help deal with them. I really need your guys's help!!!

Does it have to be a wall? Or can it be a bulky sweeper?
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The best I can suggest is Weezing.
Weezing is great as a physical wall and can resist Fairy type attacks. It also takes neutral from the other types you mentioned.

Here would be a good moveset:

Weezing@Black Sludge
Ability: Levitate
Bold Nature
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Sp. Atk

  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Pain Split
  • Flamethrower / Thunderbolt

Pretty self explanatory. The EVs are for good HP, good Def, and decent Sp. Atk.
Will-O-Wisp burns the target and lowers their attack. Sludge Bomb is good STAB. Pain Split is Weezing's only recovery move. Finally, Flamethrower is there for dealing with Ice types, while Thunderbolt deals with Flying types.

Major Threats Countered

  • Sneasel
  • Granbull
  • Archeops
  • Scyther?
  • Hariyama
  • Kangaskhan
  • Primeape

These are some of the Pokemon that Weezing can safely switch into, especially if its their STABs. For example, Weezing effectively resists Granbull's Play Rough and Hariyama's Close Combat.
The last three aren't any of the types you mentioned. I just felt that it is important to include them.


The main reason why I chose Weezing is because of its amazing walling capabilities. It might not resist or "deal with" the types you mentioned, but it can certainly wall them.


  • Be careful around Special Attack sweepers.
  • Some coverage moves can 2HKO or OHKO Weezing.

If I can think of another Pokemon, then I'll edit my answer and include it.
Sorry for the lengthy answer.
But for now, I hope I helped!

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Thanks so much!
You're welcome! Glad to help.
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Unfortunately there is no Pokemon that can resist all 4 of those types. the Closet wouldbe Mawile as it resist Ice,Flying, and Fairy, But not Ghost. Or Pawniard wich resist Flying, Ghost, and Ice but not Fairy.

Hope I Helped

Know any pokemon that dont necessarily resist but can counter them..?
Pawniard has Iron Head for fairys and Ice, Knock off for Ghost, and Rock tomb for flying
Mawile has Iron Head for Ice and Fairy, Thunder Fang for Flying and Sucker Punch for Ghost.
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No Pokemon has the resistance to all 4 of those types, but here are some good secondary choices that are close.
Steel/Fairy, Steel/Ghost, Steel/Psychic, Steel/Electric, Steel/Water, Steel/Fire, and Steel. All these Pokemon are resisted to all types, except ghost. Therefore, you can give the Pokemon a "Kasib Berry" to weaken a ghost type attack - if your a person who likes using berries.
Steel/Dark is resisted to Fairy, so a "Roseli Berry" could help you - also a good choice since there isn't much fairy types compared to the other types.

But, one really good Pokemon you can use is Aggron (mega form). Mega Aggron is resisted to Ice, Flying, and Fairy. Plus, with the ability "Filter", it weakens supereffective attacks (ghost). Also, he has incredible and superior stats. So, I think he's a good choice for you.

Hope I helped! :)

Um? Aggron isn't in NU?
Oh Sorry. I know aggron is not NU, but the reason that I left him in a seperate paragraph is to show a good suggestion. I just thought it would really work if they weren't 100% confident on the NU thing.
Oh okay.
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There are no Pokemon that resist Ice, Flying, Ghost and Fairy. You can, however, use our type coverage checker to find a Pokemon which suits your needs.

Hope I helped!

Honestly, no, you didn't. First of all I didnt necessarily ask you for things that could resist them , I also asked for help finding a pokemon that can DEAL with them - I.e. take care of them. Also, that type coverer (or whatever) doesn't help me find a pokemon which is the whole point of this question. Im sorry but it gets on my nerves when people reply to my questions and ruin the question (Making other people think they dont need to reply with an APPROPRIATE answer) simply to get their answer count up.
Well you did say wall, which implies Defensivly resisting
A wall doesn't need to resist them - just not have a weakness to them. So long as it has good defensive EVs then you dont need to have a resistance. You clearly know nothing about battling and being defensive.
Don't tell someone they know nothing about battling until you know what you're talking about... resistances play a major role in walling or countering Pokemon. You simply cannot deny that halving the amount of damage dealt helps deal with an attack. Not saying that you can't wall a Pokemon without resistances to their moves, but unless your Pokemon is extremely bulky, I can guarantee you that 90% of the time you switch into a wall it's because it resists an incoming attack. Not having a weakness to a typing does not necessarily make the Pokemon good at walling that type either. Even a Florges with maximum Speical Defense and HP investment gets 3HKO'd by Specs Chandelure for example, regardless of its colossal bulk.