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My mind was thinking about this for really long (about a year I think) and it's still unclear for me. So now I'd thought "why won't I ask it on this site?" and that's actually a really good idea. With the Experts running out there and other people..... This may have multiple answers, so upvote the ones who you think is the best.
So let's move on to the question itselfes now.

So I've been bothering myself about this for a while, and this is really weird. Because the Normal type can't touch Ghost types, and Ghost types can't touch normal types. Fighting types can't touch Ghost types, but Ghost types can touch Fighting types. Why?!

You must think Normal types are like real animals. You must think Fighting types are John Cena, you must think Ghost types are (fair ghosts not like in some movies that they can touch people) ghosts. If ghosts can't touch animals why can ghosts touch John Cena?! And then put this back in Pokémon. Why is this possible?!

I don't think this makes sense at all. But there must be an explanation about this. Please say this in an answer or you won't get points :P and then it is also more easy to read for me. Or maybe this just GameFreak logic lol :P.


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It's because John Cena is not normal. Ghosts are only intangible to normal things.
Not flagging becuse fizz said this kind of question is allowed.
and his name is.... ONLY-GHOSTS-CAN-TOUCH-HIM-CENA!!!!
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This can be confusing, but I think there is an explanation.

The reason Normal and Ghost types can't "touch each other" is because they are basically complete opposites. In reality, normal humans like us can't touch or see ghosts. Ghosts also can't touch us. We are basically in completely different realities or whatever.

Fighting is a different story. The reason fighting type doesn't affect ghost is because you can't punch, or kick, a ghost. That is just common sense. However, the relationship between normal and ghost is not the same as the relationship between fighting and ghost. Fighting types aren't necessarily normal, so there is no reason a ghost wouldn't be able to touch us. Fighting and ghosts are not opposites in any way.

Just because X doesn't effect Y, that doesn't mean Y doesn't effect X. Psychic can't hit Dark. Dark can hit psychic. Electric can't hit ground. Ground can hit electric. The only reason why two types won't affect each other is if there is some reason behind it, which is definitely shown in the relationship between Normal and Ghost, which are complete opposites.

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But you know Normal are humans and Fighting are humans too. That's why I always thought it was weird. :P
Actualy ground can hit electric
Damn! You beat me to it XD
Whoops that was a typo
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