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As of now, there are no Pokemon that resist the combination of Ghost and Fighting. What are the type combinations that do? (Theoretical typings, since, as I stated before, there are no Pokemon that currently resist both.) When I say "resist the combination of" I mean that it has to resist (or be immune to) both Ghost and Fighting type attacks.

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The only type combination (of one or two types) that isn't neutral to at least one of them is normal ghost.

Explanation: In order to resist or be immune to ghost, a Pokemon must be either normal or dark type. They're both weak to fighting, so a type combination like normal flying would take neutral damage from fighting attacks. In order to be either normal or dark type AND be resistant or immune to fighting attacks, a Pokemon must be ghost type. A ghost dark Pokemon takes neutral damage from ghost attacks. Therefore, the above statement.

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Yeah but there is no ghost normal type...
He/she asked for theoretical types, not existing ones.
so good news from the future

hisuian zorua and zoroark, the only 2 that is immune to both fighting and ghost