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I know Fairies have to have weaknesses, but is there a logical reason for them?
Steel is super-effective against Fairies, but why?Or is Iron like Kryptonite for Fairies?
Poison I can kind of understand, but why does Fire resist Fairy?
Are there reasons for this, like how Water is super-effective against Fire?

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Lets say I hit a real little fairy with a metal baseball bat what do you think will happen?
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Whether the baseball bat was made out of metal or wood wouldn't matter...
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You know how in some fairy tales, fairies come and save the day? And some fairies are bad too, like when a steel sword kills the bad fairy. Also the good fairy scares away the bad bugs in the fairy tale, which explains it's resistance to bug. The fairy protects you from the dark and bad guys, which explains it's dark and fighting resistance. For the fire thing, the fire burns the fairy, but the fairy can't hurt the fire. Hope I helped!
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The fairy type is used to balance everything out

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My guess:

Steel = Holy sword, holy chalice, etc.

Fire = Sacred fire, Eternal flame, etc.

They all include divine forces in them, therefore superior to Fairy.

Just my guess anyway.