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So, I have this Arceus (?) card from the mythical Pokemon give away, and I want to know if, when you use type switch (one of its moves. Until the turn after it was used, Arceus is any type of the player's choosing) does weakness and resistance change? Ex: If if switch Arceus to Fighting Type, do psychic moves do x2 damage?

I'm pretty sure types and weaknesses are handled separately and there's no rule saying that fighting type Pokemon must be weak to psychic. (a lot of them are weak to water) So your weakness shouldn't change unless something explicitly says it does.

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This Arceus, I presume.

No, It's Weakness doesn't change, because the only thing the Move changes is Arceus's Type, not it's Weakness. Types and Weaknesses/Resistances are independent from one another in the TCG; if one changes the other doesn't unless stated otherwise.

Therefore, that Arceus's weakness should be Fighting no matter what type it is.

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Then is there a use for the move?

You can change you type damage to something your opponent's pokemon is weak to :P