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Related to my question on any pair of types having a resistance to all types. Is there any combo of types (Such as mixing Fairy, Poison, and Water) that could have resistance to all types. It can be any amount of types such an 3,4 or 5. No I'm not looking for someone to say Shedinja with other types mixed in (Unless that's the only answer.)

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Steel/water/posion with Levitate?
A mix of all types is only weak to rock
He isn't asking what combination has no weaknesses. He's asking which combination resists all other types. Just so you know, there are none (factoring in abilities other than Wonder Guard).
Wait does Magnet Rise negate Gravity?
No, Gravity prevents the use of Magnet Rise.

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There is no such combination.

All possible combinations of Pokémon types have at least one type that they're not resistant to. I whipped up a program to test every possible combination, and the closest you can get are apparently the following:

Normal/Fire/Water/Electric/Fighting/Ground/Flying/Psychic/Steel/Fairy, Fire/Water/Electric/Fighting/Poison/Ground/Flying/Dark/Steel/Fairy, Normal/Fire/Water/Electric/Fighting/Poison/Ground/Flying/Ghost/Dark/Steel, Normal/Fire/Water/Electric/Fighting/Poison/Ground/Flying/Psychic/Dark/Steel/Fairy, Normal/Fire/Water/Electric/Fighting/Poison/Ground/Flying/Ghost/Dark/Steel/Fairy, Normal/Fire/Water/Electric/Fighting/Poison/Ground/Flying/Psychic/Ghost/Dark/Steel/Fairy
Resistant/immune to everything except Water, which they would be weak to (2x).

Normal/Fire/Water/Fighting/Poison/Ground/Flying/Rock/Ghost/Dark/Steel, Normal/Fire/Water/Electric/Fighting/Poison/Ground/Flying/Rock/Ghost/Dark/Steel, Normal/Fire/Water/Fighting/Poison/Ground/Flying/Rock/Ghost/Dark/Steel/Fairy, Normal/Fire/Water/Electric/Fighting/Poison/Ground/Flying/Rock/Ghost/Dark/Steel/Fairy, Normal/Fire/Water/Fighting/Poison/Ground/Flying/Psychic/Rock/Ghost/Dark/Steel/Fairy, Normal/Fire/Water/Electric/Fighting/Poison/Ground/Flying/Psychic/Rock/Ghost/Dark/Steel/Fairy
Resistant/immune to everything except Water, which they would be weak to (4x).

Resistant/immune to everything except Rock, which it would be weak to (4x).

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What did you use to make the program? If you don't mind me asking of course
Python (the programming language).
oh ok thnx :)
Thanks ^o^.