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I am Currently Trying to built A Water Type-Based theme (With an exception to aegislash because of the different Forms and Blastoise because he is a Pure Water type) and so I just wanted to know which Water Duo-Types have the most amount of resistance against other types, and Which Pokemon that have these types should I put in my team? Thanks!


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You said which water dual typed Pokemon has the least amount of weaknesses in the question yet you said which water dual typed Pokemon have the most resistances in the description.. which one are you looking for..? anyway, ill just give you both

4 water Pokemon with least weaknesses(excluding ubers, I assume this is an ou team?)
Kingdra-dragon, fairy: 2 weaknesses
Rotom w-grass: 1 weakness
Swampert, gastrodon, quagsire, whiscash-grass: 1 weakness
Gyarados,mantine,swanna- electric,rock: 2 weaknesses
Lanturn-grass, ground: 2 weaknesses

4 water Pokemon with most resistances
Empoleon-steel,water,fairy,psychic,rock,flying,poison,ice,bug,normal,dragon: 10 resistances
Jellicent-water,fire,bug,poison,steel,ice,normal,fighting: 8 resistances
Keldeo,poliwrath-bug,water,rock,steel,fire,dark,ice: 7 resistances
Tentacruel,quilfish-bug,poison,water,fire,steel,fighting,fairy,ice: 8 resistances
Greninja,crawdaunt,sharpedo-dark,water,fire,steel,ice,psychic,ghost: 7 resistances
Azumraill-dragon,water,ice,fire,fighting,bug,dark: 7 resistances

And as for which of these dual typed water Pokemon to put in your team, idk if you are looking for a bulky water or a sweeper but for a bulky water I would go with jellicent or tentacruel(tentacruel for spinning) or rotom w. If youre looking for a sweeper, then I would say greninja or azumarill or keldeo or gyarados are the top ones in this list. Or even go classic and use agility empoleon or something and take advantage of its resistances to sweep

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