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For example, if I have a smeargle and want it to hit every Pokemon with normal effectiveness or super effectiveness, is that possible? Also if so what are the 4 types of moves that would cover this? Also what is the best 4 (meaning that they have the least normal effectiveness)? Thanks!

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There are probably like 100 of these.

Btw these do not count abilities, barr Shedinja's WonderGuard

http://pokemondb.net/tools/type-coverage <--- doesn't count abilities normally, cri

  • Ground/Rock/Normal
  • Ground/Rock/Fire
  • Ground/Rock/Ice
  • Ground/Rock/Fighting
  • Ground/Rock/Poison
  • Ground/Rock/Ice
  • Ground/Rock/Psychic
  • Ground/Rock/Bug
  • Ground/Rock/Ghost
  • Ground/Rock/Dragon
  • Ground/Rock/Fairy
  • Ground/Rock/Steel

  • Electric/Ice/Ghost
  • Electric/Ice/Dark
  • Fighting/Ghost
  • Ghost/Dark/Fighting
  • Dark/Fighting/Normal
  • Ghost/Fighting/Normal
  • Fighting/Rock/Water
  • Fighting/Rock/Fire
  • Flying/Ground/Water
  • Flying/Ground/Electric
  • Flying/Ground/Ice
  • Flying/Ground/Ghost
  • Flying/Ground/Dark

  • Fire/Grass/Dragon/Fighting
  • Fire/Fighting/Normal/Dragon
  • Fire/Water/Grass/Dragon
  • Fire/Water/Grass/Ghost
  • Fire/Water/Grass/Dark
  • Fire/Water/Grass/Fairy

Input any of these into the type coverage. No resistances or immunities.

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Good answer, but you listed Ground/Rock/Ice twice.
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Yes, there are four moves that cover everything. In fact, you can have complete coverage with just two:

Ghost and Fighting.

If you think about it, Ghost covers all types at least normally effectively, except Normal and Dark (and Steel if you're on Gen V or earlier). Fighting covers all of these moves super effectively. The only way for these moves to lose their coverage is if Game Freak makes a Normal/Ghost Pokemon.

If you would like to know the four types that "have the least normal effectiveness," they are:

Ghost, Fighting, Ice, and Ground.

Not only do these types hit all types at least normally effective, but they hit super effectively on the vast majority of Pokemon: 588/774, to be exact.

I hope this answers your question.


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Ghost, Psychic, Grass, and Fighting
Alakazam is a good Pokemon for this since you can teach it shadowball, psychic, energy ball, and focus blast

they dont cover all the types, you're missing Flying, Fire, Bug, Fairy, Electric, Grass and Dragon.
I edited my question with another question :P
what 6
No I mean all pokemon with normal or super effectiveness kawaii terlor, I'll rephrase
Well that can be done with even 2 moves! since Normal and Dragon are neutral to almost every type all you have to do is have a Dragon or Normal move and almost any other type of move
Steel types, Terlor, Steel types.  The other type would probably have to be Fire, Fighting, or Ground.
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Ghost / Fighting / Steel.
Mega Lucario can do that.
Source: http://pokemondb.net/tools/type-coverage
Plug them in, I don't know how to screenshot on a macbook.

Might as well add Ground and change Ghost to Dark.
True, but Ghost/Fighting have near flawless coverage outside of Wigglytuff, and Wigglytuff is weak to steel and poison, so I figured wynaut Steel since it hits more. P:
You don't even need Steel.  Wigglytuff's part-Normal typing makes Fighting moves normally effective, by the way.