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grass, electric, ground, fighting, flying, psychic, fire, steel, normal, water, ice, rock, bug. Can I cover every type?

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Yes, if you use pokemon that can learn a wide range of moves.

Recommended Pokemon:

Mew-Can learn any tm/hm moves (psychic,normal,fighting,water)
Chansey/Blissey-can learn many move types (grass,electric,steel,fire)
Audino-can learn many types (ground,ice,fire, electric)
Minnichno/Chinccino- can learn many types (bug,normal,grass,electric)
Piplup/prinplup/Empolion-learn water/steel/flying/normal moves
Groundon-can learn rock/ground/grass/electric moves

I hoped this helped!

im playing heartgold
Just use normal types, than! Then can learn about/every type of move.