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In X and Y, grass types are no longer affected by spore moves, and ghosts are no longer affected by trapping moves, and electric types can no longer be paralyzed. Are there any other Pokemon types that are immune to
1) a status affect
2) a specific category of moves
that is new to X and Y
(Ex: Don't tell me that poison types can't be poisoned. That is not a new thing.)

And when I say immune, I am not asking you to tell me that dragon-type moves cannot hit fairy-type pokemon.
dragon type moves can't hit fairy types :p

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In addition to this, the following changes have occurred:
Grass-type Pokémon are no longer affected by moves such as Spore, Stun Spore, PoisonPowder or Sleep Powder
Electric-type Pokémon can no longer be Paralyzed
Ghost-type Pokémon are no longer affected by moves that trap them such as Mean Look

...aaaaand that's it. Besides those three, there are no new type immunities.


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+1      hey! i didn't notice before now that your name is actually "le scraf" and not "le scarf"
U forgot the Fairy-type Pokemon. They're immune to the evil Dragons. (Although they are only supereffective against themselves, so Dragons aren't that evil. Only to themselves.)
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Grass type Pokemon are now immune to spore moves such as stun spore, spore, and sleep powder.
The new type fairy is immune to the dragon type
Electric type can't get paralyzed
And ghost types aren't effected by moves that can't let them flee such as the ability arena trap and the move mean look