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Gender: Ditto
Country: 'MURICA
Favorite Pokémon: I love skitty for it's design. I think it's the cutest thing in existence. But I love Lucario too. I had an amazing Lucario in my White 2 that carried me through the whole game, but my Lucario in X kinda sucked. Maybe there was a huge contrast in IV's or something, but after that Lucario, I love all of 'em. Also, as my name may suggest, I just find the concept of Magikarp really cool and funny. It's based on an old legend of a small fish who swam up a waterfull and was rewarded by becoming a great serpent. Now if only Magikarp learned waterfall.....
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About me: I like pokemon.
I play pokemon.

For the first link, copy it into your browser and remove the space after the slash, as the chat won't let me post something so long without spaces. The other two links were short enough.

Here is a lesson in how to Garchomp
http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ xybattlespotdoubles-79385522

I get into a more intense persona of myself in the chat when I do these things.

And here is why Shuckle is the only good pokemon there is


And here we have why Thick Fat is the best ability in the game, and why metronome is an important part of any team.


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I was like you. I do believe we are much le same: you began in the RMT section, like me.
When you passed the 100 points, you felt being in our community. Know what ? Me too :D
Jan 20, 2014 by Muguet
Wow I have 130 points already. I know that's not a huge amazing accomplishment, but I feel like I've really become a part of the community.
Jan 20, 2014 by BouncingMagikarp
Wide Guard is useful only for moves like Discharge, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Surf, Blizzard etc.; it's only good for moves that hit both Pokemon, which is something that should be relatively common in double battles.
Jan 20, 2014 by fondant
Lol!!! I luvvvvvvvv pie! Oh yeah baby!!!
Jan 20, 2014 by Care :D
Mouncing Bagikarp lol :P
Nov 25, 2013 by Slapmyturnip
Nov 25, 2013 by SparkyBlaziken