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I heard that in Gen IV Arceus could become this type.

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Not trying to be mean SF. You directly took this from  サザンドラ. Word for Word. Plagiarizer. You never would have thought of this.
Well, サザンドラ didn't ask, so why couldn't SF do it?
Yes the idea for writing this came from looking at that question but it is not Plagiary at all. I wanted to know this and that is all.
This is a good question! It doesn't matter who asked it, speed freak took some initiative and asked a good question.

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Unlike other types, the ??? type is
not programmed to have weaknesses or
resistances: it is effectively
neutral. Due to this, however, issues
arise if damaging moves are hacked to
be of this type in the Generation II
and Generation III games: since it was
considered neither a physical nor a
special move, the damage dealt by a
???-type move is minimal, even if the
move has 255 power, the highest


Fun Fact: Curse, Judgement and Weather Ball(Castform uses it in PokemonXD: Gale of Darkness when the weather changing move Shadow Shadow Sky is used) are the only ???-Type moves.

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The ??? type has no weaknesses or strengths, they do normal damage to all types, and ???-type Pokemon receive normal damage from all other types.

My source was my own information and tests when I was playing colleseum and XD. It's also mentioned on Bulbapedia here.

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Do you have a source in which you obtained your information?
This is direct information from Bulbapedia, i read it myself. Heres a link.

my source was my own information and tests when i was playing colleseum and XD.