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I know Ring Target is an item that gets rid of immunities.

For moves, Foresight/Odor Sleuth neutralizes Ghost-types' immunities to Normal and Fighting as well as Normal-types' immunity to Ghost, Smack Down and Thousand Arrows make Flying-types vulnerable to Ground, and Miracle Eye neutralizes Dark-types' immunity to Psychic.

For abilities, the only one that comes to mind is Scrappy (allows Normal- and Fighting-type moves to hit Ghosts).

Please let me know if I missed anything.

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There are lots of things that neutralize ground immunities, including gravity, ingrain, and iron ball. Also, do type-changing effects like roost and soak count?
I guess. Whatever you got.
Two words: Burn Up.
Wait, I mean get rid of Type immunities...
Then I'm pretty sure you listed them all.
You can list the ones like the other guy mentioned. I'm fine with that.
Gastric Acid can nullify abilities like Levitate

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Other than the ones you mentioned, there's gravity, ingrain, transform, and iron ball.
Type-changing effects that can result in losing an immunity include roost, soak, reflect type, camouflage, conversion, conversion 2, color change, and protean.
Additionally, corrosion and burn up remove immunities, but not immunities to an attack.
I'm pretty sure we got all of them.

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Perfect. Thanks.