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In reference to my last question, I would like to know what moves or abilities can affect abilities that grant immunities, such as:

Flash Fire
Water Absorb / Storm Drain / Dry Skin
Volt Absorb / Lightning Rod / Motor Drive
Sap Sipper
Levitate (pretty much similar to eliminating Flying-type's immunity to Ground)

Edit: Basically, I want to know which moves or abilities can negate the abilities listed above.

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Magnet Rise makes the Pokémon act as if it had Levitate.
This time, I'm asking for negative effects...like Gravity on Levitate Pokémon.
Ok, Smack Down on a Flying type.
Ya...but I want to know what moves or abilities can negatively affect the abilities listed in my current question above.
How about this, trying to get rid of Wonderguard / Flash Fire...
Mold Breaker can get rid of every ability you listed, including Wonder Guard.
Doesn’t Gastro Acid nullify the effects of every ability?

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First, there's stuff that affects abilities in general, including role play, skill swap, entrainment, gastro acid, core enforcer, transform, worry seed, and simple beam.
Mold breaker, turboblaze, and teravolt ignore all the abilities you listed.
Ingrain, gravity, smack down, thousand arrows, and iron ball nullify levitate.
I think that's all of them.

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Don't the SUMO legendaries signature moves ignore Abilities?
They do, but no ability grants immunity to them (except maybe queenly majesty if the user had a quick claw), so they have no immunities to ignore.
Very good. Thanks.