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Can someone make a list of all the abilities that grant immunities such as levitate and dry skin?
Too lazy to find out myself :P


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Dry Skin - Gain 25% of health when hit by Water attack, Fire attacks do 25% more damage, Take damage in Sunshine, Heal in Rain.
Flash Fire - +1 SpA When hit by Fire attack
Levitate - Immune to Ground moves
Lightningrod - +1 SpA when hit by Electric Attack
Sap Sipper - +1 Attack when hit by Grass Attack
Motor Drive - +1 Spe when hit by Electric Attack
Storm Drain - +1 SpA When hit by Water Attack
Volt Absorb - Regain 25% of health when hit by Electric attack
Water Absorb - Regain 25% of health when hit by Water attack
WonderGuard - Immune to all types that aren't super effective
Soundproof/Cacophony - All sound moves are rendered ineffective
Bulletproof - Ball and Bomb moves do no damage
Suction Cups - Pokemon is immune to Roar and Whirlwind
White Smoke/Clear Body - Pokemon is immune to Stat lowering Abilities and moves used by the opponent
Big Pecks / Hyper Cutter / Keen Eye - Same effect as above, except for defense and attack and accuracy only (respectively)
Immunity - Provides Pokemon immunity to Poison
Insomnia - Provides Pokemon immunity to Sleep
Magic Guard - Immunity to all damage not caused by attacks
Oblivious/Own Tempo - Prevents confusion
Overcoat - Immune to weather damage
Sweet Veil** - Immunity to sleep (Extends across whole team)

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Also note Cacaphony is an unreleased ability from Gen III I think.
Oblivious actually protects from attract. And taunt in gen 6.
Overcoat also provides immunity to powder moves in gen 6.
You forgot poison heal.
flash fire boosts fire moves i think