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In the Snow Cloak description, it says that Pokémon with said ability are immune to hail, if they aren't already due to Ice Type, but every Pokémon that can potentially have it is Ice Type. Am I missing something?

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Probably by hacking a Pokemon in that's not Ice type with Snow Cloak? Either that or by using Soak on a Pokemon with Snow Cloak.
Hmm. That makes sense, thanks HT.
But wait, Soak was introduced in Gen 5 and Snow Cloak was introduced in Gen 4, so why would the creators go through all that coding just to add something that wouldn't have any use unless you hacked the game?

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It's basically just a hail verson of sand veil so it makes sense that it would make a user immune to hail ff it isn't naturally immune already. Another reason could be if somehow, say, a Venusaur, managed to somehow acquire snow cloak via skill swap or whatever, then that Venusaur would become immune to hail

Since it has been established that snow cloak is just a variation of sand veil, the other effects of veil is also carried over to cloak. For example, Cacturne is not naturally immune to sandstorm but thanks to sand veil, it is able to avoid sandstorm damage

In short, it is in the event a non ice type mon manages to acquire snow cloak through whatever means

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Not all variations are like this. Slush rush doesn't protect anyone from hail damage, even though sand rush protects the user from sandstorm damage.
I know. That's why I only mentioned sand veil and not slush rush