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I'm looking for some good Pokemon to use in hail.

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Im doing this because i love hail and have plenty of experience.
Start off with abomasnow

130Spatk and 100% acc stab blizzard acc not much else to say

Nearly missed this guy out.
Snow cloak gives it a boost and its got monster attack.

Also 100% acc stab blizzard but also has taunt to stop the opponents setting down stealth rocks that ruin hail teams.
Also has snow cloak giving it A boost in evasions.

Wallrein or stallrein as commonly known.
Has toxic to stall and leftovers protect and ice body is annoying in the hail.
Also various moves to boost def as well as access to sub.

200 spdef 100def is nothing to laugh at.
leftovers and ice body paired together recover 1/8 of maximum hp each turn.
It has crippling moves such as toxic and thunder wave and great special movepool to add.

Also an option as having the second most powerfull blizzard int eh game excluding ubers.
Ice body is good healing but it is slow so sees little use.

Just a sweeper.
Takes no hail damage so shell smash away then sweep.

>Ok im going to say this now.
Hail teams are not ment to be all ice pokemon try out some of theses they works great and mean you dont die constantly to super effective moves.
They do not have to benefit from hail but they can help team synergy and can make good cores

Seen on almost all hail team thanks to flash fire absorbing all fire attacks which is nice for a hail team.
It can also set up rocks and hit hard.

Wrecks havoc on all teams.
He can plow through opposing hail, sand and sun teams.
Gives great coverage.

I love this guy in hail.
Wil o wisp cripples them halfing there attack and can also confuse them with priority thanks to prankster.
With taunt/night shade, confuse ray, recover and wil o wisp they will die quikly if you add the hail damage.
It also has no weakness and taunt to avoid hazards or pokemon setting up.

Arena trap is great as it traps the opposing leads then kills them for example if you send him out against ninetails or tyranitar you have as good of won the weather war.

Great stalling and with toxic orb its hail damage is not neutralised but he has the equivilent to leftovers.
He walls very well and can hit hard to.

Chandy is just like heatran just hits harder and isnt immune to stealth rocks.
Flash fire does great for the team.
Alternativly you could run shadow tag as it takes almost nothing from fire attacks anyway.

No damage from life orb, weather and immune to people crippling it thanks to magic guard makes it a great special tank on sand and hail teams.

Same as the last guy just hits harder and quiker but wont suvive a hit.

Has a typing that makes it immune to all of a ice pokemons weakness including 4x fire resistance.
Can set up rocks and provide coverage.

Raikou hits so hard with specs and its speed allows it to outspeed all base 100 speed pokemon with max speed and raikou with a rash nature which allows it to have the event moves such as weather ball that becomes extremely powerfull.
Choice scarf is also good and prefered as well.

Provides great coverage as well as access to heat wave that will kill all pesky bug/steel and grass/steel pokemon who wall your team.
Though dies quikly with life orb.

Rapid spin and support moves is all this guy has got for hail teams but he is supprisingly good and a spinner is needed.

Yes it looks stupid but it hits hard resists ice weaknesses and caries rapid spin and recover so this guy is great.

Eat this sand teams.
Sand force counters and kills sand members and the right set can provide great tanking and stalling without sand up.

I love this guy in hail.
Thick fat absorbs fire and ice attacks so it takes almost no damage from heatran.
Its bulk and typing means no tyranitar or heatran set will ever beet this guy as well as decent support and crippling moves.

Great stallers they can provide great rolls such as stalling and wish passing.

So this is about the end these are just a few of the well known and ones ive tested and proven worthy of being on a hail team.
Any sweeper can work well but it has to work in the team dont be put off by hail damage and dont use mono ice.
for example infernape works very well, if it is or can support the team.

Good job.
Thank you
Very long
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I would go for Froslass because it can ultimately be untouchable with a combination of Snow Cloak and BrightPowder. It's also faster than Glalie which can ultimately win the match against others.

Item: BrightPowder - Increase evasiveness
Nature: Modest (+Sp. Atk. -Atk.)
Characteristics boost: +Sp. Atk. or +Spd.
Ability: Snow Cloak
Hail - Activate ability, damage opponents, gives perfect accuracy to Blizzard
Blizzard - STAB, powerful, chance of Freeze, perfect combination with Hail
Shadow Ball - STAB, chance of lowering Special Defense
Water Pulse/Thunderbolt/Psychic/Thunder Wave/Attract - Coverage, defense over Fire and Rock - types/Coverage, chance of Paralysis/Coverage, chance of lowering Sp. Def./Immediate Paralysis/Immobilize male opponents (Last move is up to you)

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Nice set I would choose you but he gave more pokemon I had a frosslass likebthat except of hail I put something else because of abamsnow
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I would say Glalie because it can have the ability ice body which restores the pokemons hp when there is a hailstorm. There is also Froslass with the same ability. Then Abomasnow comes in with snow warning which creates a hailstorm. I would out of these suggest glalie because it also has some incredible defence and sp attack stats. it also learns a incredible move set. my recommendation:

Item: Icy Rock (Extends duration of hail.)

Ice Beam. STAB and awesome accuracy. Good for normal use.
Shadow Ball. COVERAGE and may reduce targets sp attack and sp defence.
Crunch. COVERAGE and possibility for a flinch.
Hail. HP regain.

Hope this helped.

Shadow Ball doesn't reduce Sp. Attack, only Sp. Defense. Also, Crunch doesn't flinch, it has a chance of reducing Defense. Having a Ghost and Dark type move is kind of pointless in which they cover the same types with the difference of Ghost unable to hit a Normal - type. If I were you, replace Crunch for Water Pulse if in Generation 4 for Coverage from Rock and Fire - types, or Toxic for extra damage if in Generation 5. You should also replace Ice Beam for Blizzard if this is a Hail set. You'll be rendering this set useless without the 120 power Ice - type move that can possibly freeze. Also, Froslass doesn't have the Ice Body ability, it has the Snow Cloak ability which increases evasiveness.
Yes i made a mistake on the reducing and stuff, BUT BLIZZARD HAS A HORRIBLE ACCURACY.
In hail blizzard has 100% acc