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Such as :

  • Refrigerate: changes to Ice
  • Misty Terrain: changes to Fairy

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P.S. Don't include Roost or Burn Up, which take away a type.

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Roost makes the Pokemon normal type if it was only flying type, so it sometimes changes the type.

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Moves that change the user's type:


Changes the user's type, depending on where you use it.

In a building, or WiFi battling: Normal
A cave or near a mountain: Rock
In a field, grass or a swamp: Grass
In a desert or road: Ground
In water: Water
In snow: Ice


Changes your type to the type of one of your moves. It is random, however. You will recieve STAB from the type of the move you copied (so there will always be a STAB move after you use it).

Conversion 2

Changes your type so you are resistant to the type of the move your opponent last used. Will fail if you are already that type.

Reflect Type

You get the exact same typing as your opponent. If they are dual-typed, you become dual-typed as well.

Moves that change the opponent's type:


Changes the opponent's Pokémon to the Water type. They lose their previous types, STABs, resistances, weaknesses and immunities.

Forest's Curse

The opponent's Pokémon gains the Grass type. So, single-typed Pokémon become dual-typed and dual-types become tri-typed. It will fail if the opponent is already Grass typed.

Trick or Treat

Exactly like Forest's Curse, but with the Ghost type instead.

Plasma Fists: Turns all Normal Type moves to Electric during that turn.

Abilities that change your type:

Colour Change

Changes your type to the type of the last move you were hit with whenever you get hit by a move.


Changes your move to the type of the move you are about the use whenever you use a move. You will always get STAB.


Normal type moves will become flying type.


All your moves become normal type.


Normal type moves become fairy type.


Normal type moves become ice type.


Changes forme and type based on what plate it is holding.

Normal: No plate
Fire: Flame plate
Water: Splash plate
Grass: Meadow plate
Electric: Zap plate
Ghost: Spooky plate
Steel: Iron plate
Dark: Dread plate
Fairy: Pixie plate
Dragon: Draco plate
Bug: Insect plate
Fighting: Fist plate
Ice: Icicle plate
Flying: Sky plate
Ground: Earth plate
Rock: Stone plate
Psychic: Mind plate

RKS System

Works the exact same as multitype

Moves that change a move's type:


If you hit the opponent right before they use their move (so hitting first on that turn), their move will become electric type.

Ion Deluge

Targets the whole field, all normal type moves become electric type.

Weather Ball

Changes type based on the weather. Becomes 2x as powerful when there is weather.

None: Normal
Sunny: Fire
Hailing: Ice
Raining: Snow
Sandstorm-ing: Rock


Changes type just like multitype.

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Plasma fists changes all normal type moves to electric type moves, as well.
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Ability/moves/items that change move types:
Aerilate: Changes Normal type moves into Flying type moves.
Normalize: All the Pokemon's moves are changed to the Normal type.
Pixilate: Turns Normal type moves into Fairy type moves.
Refrigerate: Turns Normal type moves into Ice type moves
Electrify: Target's move become electric type.
Ion Deluge: Changes Normal type moves into Electric type

Abilities/moves/items that change Pokemon types:
Color Change: Changes the Pokémon's type to the foe's move.
Protean: Changes the Pokemon's type into the type of the last move it used.
Soak: Turns the Pokemon's that was soaked type into Water type.
Forest's Curse: Turns the Pokemon's that was cursed type into Grass type.
Trick-or-Treak: Same as Forest's Curse but changes type into Ghost.
Camouflage: Changes user's type depending on what terrain you are battling in.
Conversation: changes user's type into the type of one of it's moves. (Random)
Conversation2: The user changes its type so it's immune to the type of the attack it last took.
Reflect Type: Changes the user's type to the opponent's type.
Multi Type: Changes Arceus's type according to the plate it is holding.

You might want to add things like galvanize.
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Abilities that make normal type moves into other types:
Galvanize - Geodude [Alola], Graveler [Alola], Golem [Alola] [Hidden ability]
Refrigerate - Amaura, Aurorus, Mega-Glalie [Common ability]
Aerilate - Mega-Pinsir, Mega-Salamence [Common ability]
Pixilate - Sylveon, Mega-Altaria, Mega-Gardevoir [Hidden ability for Sylveon] [Common ability for Mega-Gardevoir and Mega-Altaria]
Normalize - Skitty, Delcatty [Common ability]

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