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This answer is for the recent generations, but I'm looking for Gen 1, which was before Dark and Steel types were introduced.
Gen 1: ???
Gen 2-8: Rock [+Freeze Dry in later generations]

Thanks in advance!

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2x weak to Rock- and 4x weak to Freeze-Dry, in all generations except 1.

Not sure about Gen 1 tho, so you might wanna change the question to just Gen 1 to prevent a dupe.
I'm pretty sure it's 2x weak to Rock- post-Gen 1 (including 6-8).
Ah cool. Didn't spot it. I'll rephrase this so it asks for Gen 1 specifically.

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Immune to Normal, Electric, Fighting, Ground, and Ghost.

Resists Fire, Grass, Poison, and Bug.

Takes neutral damage from Water.

Weak to Ice, Flying, Psychic, Rock, and Dragon.

Source: The old gen type chart

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cool, tysm!
You're welcome!
(1/8): Grass
(1/4): Poison
(1/2): Fire, Bug
     0: Normal(1/2), Electric(1/2), Fighting(1/2), Ground(4), Ghost(2)
     1: Water
     2: Flying, Psychic, Dragon
     4: Ice, Rock