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Just wondering because I couldn't finish it in my head. So would there be no weakness since they'll most likely balance out or will there be a weakness? (Including Fairy)

I cant answer :(
I must calculate the Fairy type

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Here we go. this brand new type, if including fairy type and the new changes, would be:

  • Immune to normal types
  • Neutral to fire types
  • Neutral to water types
  • 4x resistant to grass types
  • Immune to electric types
  • Neutral to Ice types
  • Immune to Fighting types
  • Immune to poison types
  • Immune to Ground types
  • Neutral to Flying types
  • Immune to Psychic types
  • 4x resistant to Bug types
  • 2x WEAK to Rock types
  • Immune to Ghost types
  • Immune to Dragon types
  • 2x resistant to Dark types
  • 2x resistant to Steel types
  • Neutral to Fairy types

So, this new type would have 2 4x resistances, 2 2x resistances, 8 immunities, and will only be weak to rock. That's a pretty good type.

Hope this helped!

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wow. that's cool.
So, if you were to have a Pokémon with this type, it would STILL get majorly pwned by Whitney's Miltank... &%*!
Wow, never would've guessed rock would be its weakness Thanks
It would also be weak to freeze-dry.