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The types of Pokemon, I just want a list so that I know what types I can use or not use. Also, can you please include what it's weak and effective too? That would also be helpful.

It’s not that we don’t want to help you, but your question is answered very easily on most every Pokémon sight. If you need info about a specific type, just type the desired type in the search tool and it should be one of the first ones.
@Joe Most sites don't have glitch types.
I just use this for getting stats and things for pokemon, I don't go on bulbapedia much now. I'm researching glitch pokemon, so it is helpful to have a list of glitch types. If I give another question, and it will be a list probably of crash or corrupt glitch thingies or something. I already know that glitch thingies can evolve into kangaskhan or other things. also, I know that the ? glitch pokemon hatches into an egg. but if you play red blue yellow, I suggest don't do mew or old man glitch. those lead to missingno. also, most games fixed the pomeg berry glitch. still, don't be mad if i ask dumb questions. im not really a know-it-all.
I think that was a little mean. sorry.

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The Multivee person already answered your question, so I'm doing this just because the rules say we can't answer with only links.

Real types: Normal-, Fire-, Water-, Electric-, Grass-, Ice-, Fighting-, Poison-, Ground-, Flying-, Psychic-, Bug-, Rock-, Ghost-, Dragon-, Dark-, Steel-, Fairy-.
Source and Type Chart

Glitch types: 'l) m) ZM, ?, /6!2?2 A, ,K PkxX, 8 8 9 5, 99||9, B, Bird, CoolTrainer♀, Glitch, IIIItoto, Normal, Pokémaniac, Qi JT? POké BB de W N, x v zA, , ' ♀ ♀ ' 2222 37572, 66848.04, L
'l) m) ZM has the same type effectivenesses that Steel- has in generations 2 to 5. The other glitch types are neutral to everything.

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