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I want a really great team of no weakness Pokemon so please help?


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Sableye, Spritomb, and Electross are the only Pokemon with no weaknesses.

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??? Really? Eelektross has no weakness? I didn't know that.
It has Levitate, so its only weakness (Ground) becomes an immunity.
The same story with Tynamo and Eelektrik, which aren't listed there.
Sableye and Spiritomb DO have just one weakness, it's the fairy type, the only one with no weaknesses on this list is Electross
The answer was from before X and Y were out, so there was no Fairy type.
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Starpower: Sableye, Spritomb, and Elektross are the only Pokemon with no weaknesses.

But also Pokemon with no weaknesses can be electric types with magnet rise or for a temporary Pokemon with no weaknesses could be an electric type with air balloon.

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Other, less common examples:A dark-poison type holding an air balloon will be weak to nothing until it pops. A bronzong with heatproof and an air balloon will always take neutral damage or less. A metagross or jirachi with an air balloon in the rain or a bronzong with levitate in the rain will take the equivalent of neutral damage from all attacks, though fire type attacks will still be stated as super effective. If a water-ground type is skill swapped the ability sap sipper, then it will have no weaknesses. If a bug/ steel type or a bronzong with levitate is skill swapped the ability flash fire, then they won't have weaknesses. A dark-poison or electric type skill swapped levitate has no weaknesses.
Scizor in heavy rain/water absorb/storm drain support
Air balloon camerupt in rain