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so I played wi-fi on y yesterday double battle, and a trevenant used forests curse on my heracross, then his talonflame crushed me with a X 8 damage. I know that combo was useless enough as talon could take her across with bravebird whatever. but then I tought: isn't there some pokes that can get no weakness with forest curse or the other 2 attacks I don't remember the name on now?

EDIT: "the 2 attacks" was soak and trick-or-treat. I would also like to see if someone can have no weakness with those two ;D

thanks! :)

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So far as I've found, no. If I've missed something on the typing list, please tell me, but I can't see any possible combination of existing typings and abilities that will cancel out all weaknesses.

Considering that grass is weak to Flying, Ice, Fire, Bug and Poison, there's no Pokemon combination that resists all of them.

The closest I've found:
Empoleon - Ground, Electric, Fighting (only Fighting weakness remains)
Tentacruel/ Qwilfish - Ground, Electric, Psychic (only Flying & Psychic remain)
Rotom-W/ Lanturn - Ground, Grass (only Bug & Poison remain)

Grass typing just has too many weaknesses for any typing to cancel out all 5 of its weaknesses as well as the original weaknesses.

However, hypothetically...

Steel/ Fairy + Grass with Flash Fire
Original weaknesses: Ground
Fire is x0 with the ability
Poison x0 with Steel typing
Flying & Ice both x1
Bug x1/2
Ground x1

Is the only one I can come up with. Steel/ Ghost with Flash Fire would have worked before Gen VI, but now that Steel no longer resists Ghost & Dark, it doesn't work.

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thanks!  can you come up with something for soak and trick-or-treat too?
Soak won't work. Soak just turns the target into Water type, granting them Grass & Electric weaknesses.
I can't see Trick-or-Treat giving the result of no weaknesses because only Normal & Dark will resist Ghost. Normal/ Ghost will still have Dark weakness, Dark/Ghost will still have Fairy Weakness.
Dark/Ghost Pokémon: Spiritomb and Sableye.
I know that prior to Gen 6, these two Pokémon would have been unstoppable if they were hacked with the Wonder Guard ability. Thanks to Fairy-type, this is no longer the case.